Art & design

 “I have a need to see how my ideas translate into ceramics. I love the process of creating, having the material in my hands and pushing my craft.”- Lea Nordstrøm

Lea finds her sources of inspiration in different kinds of decor, patterns and structures. It may be an antique lace, graphic prints, plants or flora. One of her main sources of inspiration are books with historical decorative art, containing ornaments and small details from different time periods.

Lea views her art as visual objects, were she is able to play with two- and three-dimensional spaces. The pieces may appear perishable, as they are fragile and delicate, especially in the process of creation, but when fired the material changes and becomes strong without losing its expression.Lea focuses on maintaining the movement in the material, giving the pieces a dynamic expression.

The wall pieces is made in a old decoration technique called slip trailing and is originally used to decorate surfaces  on earthenware items. By removing the surface and only concentrating on the decoration – without any functional purpose apart from the decoration itself . Where as modern ceramics from Scandinavia are largely minimalist and functional, leaving little room for ornamentation, Leas designs leave little room for function.

“Working mainly with esthetic gives me the opportunity to challenge the material and my craftsmanship. When using the features of the materials and challenging their limits, I interact with them. Each little piece changes while I am making it. From the process of drawing to the firing, where the material has a will of its own, to the point where all the pieces come together in a bigger constellation.”, Lea Nordstrøm